Big Data

Big Data: Shortest Time-to-Insight

Unique Big Data Sales Leads

We use our in-house developed tools for data acquisition and analysis. The data is collected in real-time, giving you access to the most recent data. Information such as sales leads, market size, product sentiment and price fluctuations are readily ‘mined’ from available raw data through our scraping & analysis tools. This leads to new products, new applications, new leads and new business.

Real Market Insights

We start with the ‘inventory’ of already available studies, analyses and desk research data. In case your company already has digital data available we can immediately provide valuable new insights by use of our tools. Then follows the ‘scraping’ phase, where we look through all external data sources, sites, blogs and forums. We collect all data in real-time and store them in our integrated data management system. As we work with massive data sources, latest algorithms and neat visualisation tools, we can provide you with direct insights into recent market developments and future trends. As studies have shown, data are doubling in size every two years. Not surprisingly, both industries and governments use massive amounts of data to reveal hidden information.

New products, more efficient acquisition, and better margins?

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