Big Data Lead Generation

Attracting new customers builds the fundament for your company’s growth. However, as potential customers not always find your organisation right away, a more pro-active approach is needed. But how do you identify qualified new customers out of the blue?
That’s where we come into play. With the help of our big data lead generation solution we can help you find new potential customers.

The trick is to find ‘look-a-likes’ of both your existing and ideal customers.

The idea is simple: In a joint effort we determine the characteristics of your ideal customer in terms of size, industry and products. Based on these attributes we build a web scraper that searches available data pools and websites*. We then store these results in our database, where our big data algorithm will uncover the companies that are the most likely to be interested in your products or services. After this first partition only the most relevant companies are left in our database. Then the real magic happens. Our web scraper can be programmed to uncover the contact details of the decision makers (leads) within the company (e.g. purchase manager). The big data scraper can also uncover detailed information about the company, such as financial status, number of employees, projected market shares and more.

Eventually you end up with a database filled with leads who are likely to be interested in your organization’s products and services. As the contact details and background information of the leads are provided within the database, the succes rate for your sales managers will be significantly higher.
*Yielding all available data, the scraping sample becomes n = all.



What do we do

Together with you we determine the characteristics of your ideal customer. Based upon this information we start with the development of a custom-made big data scraper fitting the needs of your organization. We tune our big data scraper to find your best customer look-a-likes. In general the process consists out of three extensive phases.

  • 1) Defining the characteristics of your ideal customer
  • 2) Development of a custom-built big data scraper to uncover new leads.
  • 3) Storage of leads within a database with associated contactdetails and company information. 
What’s it for you?

This is the most efficient way to find more than hundreds of quality leads interested in your product. The right person, interested in the right subject on a very large scale. With our big data lead generation tool we are able to uncover 100 new leads each month.

More information
Our big data lead generation solution includes a custom built big data scraper to uncover leads for your organization.  Starting from €6.500,- we can work with the development of a big data scraper for your organization. 
If you would like to know more about our service, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than willing to explain the whole process to you in detail.

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