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About iGear

From corporate marketing to marketing agency. After having studied economics, Patrick Geerlings built his international marketing experience at several large corporations in Germany and France. As a result of his passion for entrepreneurship and marketing, he founded the company Geerlings Marketing in 2000, which offered strategic and operational marketing advice.

Change in Direction

In 2008, Patrick aligned the company’s scope with modern digital developments. With a distinct focus on online marketing, the company’s name was changed to ‘iGear Internet Marketing’. Since then, iGear has been improving their customers’ B2B and B2C strategies by optimising all aspects of online marketing. To date, the management trains and educates their own staff and continuously works with a flexible group of young academic professionals. This approach has proven successful and won the 2011 International Web Marketing Association Award for outstanding achievements.

Big Data

In 2014, the team at iGear identified the hidden potential in the vast amount of data available online, and recognised the need to convert data into useful market insights. Under the name BIGear, Patrick as strategist, and both Nando Thomassen and Swen Mulderij as operating knowledge and technology developers, introduced a Big Data service. BIGear, also known as ‘the prediction company’, applies Big Data approaches to situations where traditional research ceases. This is possible through smart data from the web, which help the team to reveal trends and patterns. Eventually, these insights are transformed into valuable competitive advantages.

Our Proposition

iGear and BIGear both deliver innovative solutions that commit to goals consistent with our customers. Are you interested in discussing your commercial ambitions with us? Simply contact us, we are happy to help you exceeding them!

Management Team

Patrick Geerlings

Chief Executive

Nando Thomassen

Manager Programming Innovations

Annemieke Schutte

Manager Online Marketing

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