Meldon Big Data Lead Conversions

Generating leads in a B2B context

Experience the New Strategy of Meldon by reading McKINSEY QUARTERLY (feb 2015)

A strong partnership between Sales and Marketing is nowadays a must;

  • customer decision makers completely changed behavior because multichannel information
  • and customers changed from one-to-one to the complicating one-to-many decision making
  • and sales processes differ enormously  between segments.

How Meldon dealt with the present market complexity?  Read more > McKinsey Quarterly


Project Meldon started with lead generation

Meldon  approached the online marketing experts of iGear to increase their brand awareness and receive more leads. Due to a lack of online positioning only little traffic had been achieved, not to mention conversions. The challenge: From more traffic to more brand awareness to valuable leads.


Project Description

First of all iGear’s online marketing consultants conducted an analysis of the initial site performance. After that iGear made Google-friendly through SEO and the implementation of our distributed network hosting. This way the website gained significant increases in speed – worldwide!

Further iGear promoted meldon on important industry platforms with content relevant to prospective customers. Eventually referrals, guest blog contributions, etc. have significantly increased meldon’s online marketing turnover.


Project Results

Through continuous optimisation the following results were achieved:

  • A significant increase of organic traffic
  • Brand awareness increased – top content contributor for relevant websites, blogs, and communities
  • An increase of leads by more than 500%

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