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Demand and price projections of interesting cars.

We predict price developments by predicting demand of exclusive cars, youngtimers and oldtimers. Based on our car-passion, we developed a big data mining technique that plots demand trends of every type of car you want. As an interesting by-product we can make these cars easy to find on all leading carplatforms around the world.



Project Description

iGear research teams developed a big data market scraper with the aim of making demand and price projections for interesting cars. And aiming at the search queries of car enthousiasts around the world, iGear makes these cars extra easy findable on important details like VIN-number, interior or car origin.

Project Results

You have a new kind of motor behind your car-business based on information nobody has. And you will be able to get the most relevant traffic to your car-website to improve your sales conversions.

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