High-Tech Business Leads Tool.

(foto: KE@WORK)

High-Tech Business Leads Tool is ready for the market. 

After a year of research we have tested the tool with several leading clients from different industries. The result. One of the most sophisticated Business Leads Tool (BLT®).

This is how BLT® works:

1. You define your ‘ideal customer’

2. We scrape the internet for ‘look-a-like customers’

3. You get a Country Map.

A map with the names of ‘look-a-like customers’, their contact person, phone, email. And on special request combined with financial parameters. For tailoring to industries we have task forces.

The New BLT®-tool gives our clients miles ahead competitive advantage.

The photo of last week is the starting picture for the KE@WORK BLT® project by Dimitris Gounaras from Athens.

From left to right.

Associate Professor Knowledge Engineering Dr. Frank Thuijsman and

Ellen Narinx (both Department of Knowledge Engineering),

Nando Thomassen (BIGear&iGear),

Dimitris Gounaras,

Patrick Geerlings (BIGear&iGear) and

Swen Mulderij (BIGear) is also involved (not on the photo)

Professor Dr. Gehrard Weiss (Department of Knowledge Engineering).

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